About EVOO


The Australian Olive Association launched the ‘Australian Extra Virgin’ brand to raise awareness and educate consumers about the health benefits, freshness and quality of Australian extra virgin olive oil.

AEV_logo_CMYK Australian olive oil producers know that if they use undamaged olives, process them quickly after picking, employ the services of a spotlessly clean mill and don’t strive for excessive extraction, then sound quality olive oil will result.

We want you to enjoy the health benefits associated with using the best quality olive oil available – clean, fresh, Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Aussie Map Fresher Tastes Better - Copy       COB11053_TVC_EndFrame_FA MAP ONLY

Look for these certification symbols on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil you buy:


Other certified Australian olive oil styles:


Australian certified table olives:

Other Australian certified olive products:

About Australian Olive Association:
The Australian Olive Association was founded in 1995 as the industry body to encourage research and dissemination of information and the sustained development of a national olive industry in Australia.

The AOA is responsible for setting and maintaining quality standards for Australian products which is achieved by growers joining the Australian Code of Practice (COP), which complies with the Australian Standards for Olive Oil and Olive Pomace Oils (AS5264-2011), and the Voluntary Industry Standard for Table Olives in Australia (RIRDC 12-111).

The Code of Practice guarantees the authenticity and quality of certified products and distinguish them from imported products. To be certified, products must be Australian and have undergone organoleptic (taste) and chemical testings.

The AOA implements an ongoing consumer awareness and education (CAE) programme to promote the benefits of Australian EVOO and Australian Table Olives to consumers. This CAE programme is funded via industry contributions to specific campaigns. There is a CAE committee that meet regularly to discuss strategy and budgets.

Each October, the AOA holds the National Olive Industry Conference and Trade Exhibition which brings together national and international experts to discuss the latest in technology and research. The industry also gathers at this time to celebrate the season’s success at our Gala Awards Presentation Dinner.

For more information on the Australian Olive Association, please call us on (08) 8573 6545 or visit www.australianolives.com.au

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